What is MS Edge?

Microsoft have overhauled their internet explorer and are replacing it with MS Edge. The healthboard will migrate everyone to MS Edge during the year. It is pre-installed on your Practice PC and is safe to use.

Where is MS Edge?

Click on the windows icon at bottom left, then scroll down the column of Apps as far as “M” and you’ll see “Microsoft Edge” and a jagged ‘e’ or a wave-like ‘e’; click on this. (Your default browser won’t change).

When I login to BLEAT I only see a blank screen

Check you are using MS Edge. Internet explorer does not support BLEAT to book

My screen doesn’t refresh automatically

This beta version requires you to manually refresh, so we suggest you refresh before any piece of interaction

Downloads page isn’t showing all the downloadable options

Some systems are slow to show the download options. If you don’t see x4 ‘spreadhseets’ and x4 ‘other’ then wait and soon you will

Is BLEAT free?

Yes; BLEAT is currently free, but as it is built out charges may be introduced

Will there be future releases?

Yes; BLEAT is evolving in response to user needs. You can expect regular improvements

Can I damage the organisers?

The formulas are password protected, so it is unlikely. ‘Cut’ is the only action likely to harm the spreadsheets. Contact by email for help with issues.

Why am I getting an alert to enter a password in the organiser?

Areas containing formulas and outside editable tables are protected by password. If you see this then you are entering information into a disallowed cell.

What about GDPR?

If you manage your own data, then you have an obligation to be GDPR compliant. Do not enter patient identifiable data unless you are satisfied in your IT security arrangements. ‘BLEAT to book’ satisfies GDPR.

Can I use cloud services to share between my devices?

Yes; BLEAT to book is accessible from within the HSC firewalls. Cloud services however are not and this may determine where you store your organisers.

How can I share info and prevent changes in the organisers?

Printing to paper is an obvious choice but has its limits. Saving or printing to PDF effectively prevents changes.

Printing to PDF enables a print area to be saved in an easy to email format. Saving the file to PDF saves the entire file which is usually not necessary or helpful.

Saving to the Practice server or to the cloud enables users to access info remotely.

How do I make my organiser read-only?

To protect your shared spreadsheet from accidental alterations, use the password-protected ‘read-only’ facility; Click ‘save as’ but just to the left of the ‘save’ button is a ‘tools’ button and from that drop down list choose ‘general options’.

In the ‘Password to modify’ box add your password and save. Now everyone can safely view the rota but only password holders can modify it.

What happens to my past bookings in BLEAT to book?

BLEAT to book is a beta version and currently there is not a facility to retrieve past bookings. You are advised to copy bookings into your own practice or sessionals organiser.

When ‘resetting password’ I don’t receive an email?

Check your SPAM folder in case it is there